Thursday, August 14, 2014

This week and a half has been a whirlwind of activities we are squeezing in before school starts.  Our ward has an annual overnight campout with an unlimited supply of corn.  We have never gone before because of Belen.  Last week she was in WY with her grandparents, so we went and had a fun time.  The kids ate marshmallows ad screamed and ran around.  The little ones ate corn on the cob for the first time ever and that was a hilarious thing to watch.  :-)

Zeke and Stan are now up with Grandparents and we will pick them up this weekend.

Belen has her very last horse riding lesson today for the summer and I will try to grab a few pictures to post.

I cut my own hair and the littles.  Here is a photo of Stan right before I cut.
 I'll post another one of the after as well.

Mine is just back to my old normal.  It was getting unwieldy.  It has never been that long.  In fact, there was even enough to donate.  Here is what I was looking like before the cut:
And here is the hair after:

We have been running to and fro to run errands, but hopefully it will mostly be done by the end of this week. School starts on Tuesday and we will have 2 needing to be ready for it.  I finally got Zeke's schedule ironed out (I think).  It is really nice that we have the opportunity to dual enroll here in Utah, but one of the problems with it is that since not many utilize it, nobody is really sure how the implementation works.  I think we have it though.  We'll find out if the truancy officer shows up at our door a few weeks into school.  ;-)

Sitting in a Special Ed Law Conference last week, 2 IEPs this week and a support night for families with disabilities has got my head swimming in disability advocacy right now.  Usually it isn't this intense.  Hoping that Belen has a better year this year.

Well, those are the exciting bits.  Excited to organize again for school.  I get to do it twice: once in September and again in January since our "official school year follows the calendar, but we regroup when all the other kids leave.  Omi has sent the fun packages to help us get ready and we have all sniffed the crayolas.  :-)

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