Monday, November 26, 2007

hehe, what's a tag?

So, I only read a handful of blogs. But I still managed to get tagged anyway. :-) I know it's because some of my friends (thanks KM!) also only read a handful of blogs and don't have a huge group of people to tag. ;-)

So here goes:

Five things I Was Doing Ten Years Ago
1. sending a cute boy on a mission
2. Writing to HeaterBoy
3. spending my first year at Weber State (2nd year in college)
4. learning about myself and my relationship with my family of origin (does that ever end?)
5. getting ready to perform at a Christmas concert

Five things on my Life To Do List
1. make my own clothes from the raw materials I have grown
2. learn how to run a small hobby farm
3. empower women and mothers (or rather, help them to see that they already are :-) )
4. learn how to dance
5. learn how to weave

Five things I'd do if I was a Millionaire
1. STM was right, this won't go as far as I'd like, but...I'll buy a house...Modest and fits our needs, with cash
2. try to save the rest until somebody needs it. J and I can never find a shortage of good causes to donate to or support. (this will be my sub-list as I only did two things...)
B. Local business owners struggling to make ends meet
C. sustainable mom and pop operations
E. Primary Children's Medical Center
F. any number of birth/family advocates

Five Things I'd Never Do Again
1. Ignore my gut-feelings (this one copied from KM, but totally applies for me as well)
2. Yell at my husband
3. stick my foot in my mouth by saying something totally inappropriate and rude (if only my foot didn't want to reside in that general vicinity, it would be easier).
4. allow (or rather, forcefully put)foreign chemicals into my body without first questioning the risks and benefits of said chemical.
5. question somebody's wisdom and education in having more than three or four kids. Or most childbearing decisions...

Five Favorite Toys
1. computer
2. spinning wheel
3. paper trimmer
4. jewelry tweezers/pliers
5. itunes (does software count as a toy?)

Five Things I've Read Recently
1. Warprize
2. Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
3. instructions on lung drainage postures
4. the ensign
5. pediatric drug dosages

Five of My Favorite Smells

1. newborn babes (also copied from KM, but does any body not like this smell?)
2. my husband (no really, it made me marry him. and sans cologne or aftershave is best...(sniff) aah, it makes me want him home:-) )
3. rain
4. fresh oranges
5. the absence of rotavirus ;-)

And now, Tag, you're it!!
Five People I'm Tagging...are there five people who read my blog?
1. Nicole
2. Dirtius Wifius
3. Sarah in NYC
4. Tola
5. anybody else who reads my blog... ;-)

Hospitals on the Holiday

So we're out. Buggy ended up spending 6 days in the hospital this time and it looks like we are finally finding some solutions to her long term health. They're not easy or fun, but it might keep her out of the hospital for longer next time. I posted a few times on Carepage, but I didn't make it to post this page, sorry. We now have three holidays at Primary's. :-)

The stress was so much better this time because J didn't have to go anywhere this week and we still had our nanny to help him out. I didn't have to worry about the big kids or what the house would look like when I got home. We may also be able to re-evaluate how we do the hospital thing as J now has a computer that he can work on in the hospital, so especially when the new babe comes, we may have J stay with Buggy instead of me. Now that she's a little older, he's the one that she wants anyway. She kept asking for him while we were stuck i isolation. (BTW, rotavirus stinks)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Joining the World of the Employed...

So J left yesterday for his first training trip. He's in Texas until Friday night. I'm not sure how I'll cope being a single parent for a week, but I guess it's baptism by fire, right? So far, Buggy seems to be having the hardest time. She spent about 1/2 hour crying for Daddy this morning.

We'll be meeting with the sleep pulmonologist this Friday. I was really hoping that HeaterBoy could be there for that appointment, but I guess I'll have to do it alone. We have lots of questions for these docs and hopefully they will have some theories that will help us to get Buggy's lungs healthier. She is taking more and more steps independently. if the distance is small enough and she thinks she can make it, she will sure try. It makes for some funny falls, but she's getting better at those too. She is protecting her head better and getting faster at her motor patterns. We're getting ready for her new IFSP (service plan for Early Intervention) so we're going to be meeting with people we rarely see this month to get her all tested for that.

This morning the nurse came and she was surprised to see how well B is doing. She seems to do a lot of surprising. :-)

I've been chewing gum the past couple of weeks to keep from feeling like I'm two seconds away from vomiting. It's been working great...until two days ago. All of a sudden, my teeth started to get really sensitive while I was chewing, like I had a cavity. I got kind of freaked out, so I'm not chewing unless it gets really bad. It's also a good thing that we will have dental coverage soon. :-)

So that's our life this week. The kids had fun at Halloween, and so did HeaterBoy. Of course, I didn't take any photos. I have the cutest scrapbook pages and nothing to put in them. Such is life.