Monday, April 6, 2009


I know, what a boring title, right? I just couldn't think of anything witty at the moment and I really need to get a post done.

Frodo is acing his times tables after a few accommodations in the classroom and is learning the finer points of 3rd grade bathroom humor and why some kids think it's okay to tease mercilessly. He's also learned how to cook ramen and crepes and loves to learn new dishes. He and Rapunzel made me so proud at their great-grandmas house for breakfast. They said all the right things and used their best manners. It's times like that that make it worth it. They wanted to show their grandma how much they appreciated all the work she put into making breakfast for them.

He moved his things into the extra bedroom last week. I almost cried. If I had known it was going to stay, I would have cried. My baby is gettng big and he wants his own private space.I knew the transition would come, just like others have and new ones will. I'm so glad it was done smoothly and without any pain.

He still likes to jump on my furniture and bother his sisters. He's becoming a master at avoiding chores, but on the whole, he is growing into a delightsome boy. I'm glad he's mine. :-)

Rapunzel is loving reading when it is on her own terms. She loves being able to read the names of being she knows: Nephi and Sariah and some of their own stories. She felt so accomplished when she actually read her scriptures in family reading instead of parroting while a parent read them to her. She constantly is telling me that *all* girls are princesses and loves to help her sister with her princess attire. She no longer likes school, but still loves her teachers. She knows how to change a cloth diaper (mostly) is so good about playing with both Buggy and Baby. she says funny things all the time, but I can't remember any of them right now. :-)

Buggy had surgery this past weeek. Just a little one, but surgery nonetheless. she had her ear tubes replaced and since we knew she needed it, we decided to get a bunch of pending trests all done at the same time with the same anesthesia. Anyone remember her last bout with anesthesia? (If I were any handier with HTML, I would have a link to that post...alas...) She was cranky and yelled for 3 weeks. This time, she has been very lethargic, and snuggly, but no crankier than normal. they tested her for functioning lung cilia (a total longshot, but actually a possible problem)and they also cultured all of the junk hanging out in her lungs.The fun thing she threw in this time was "weird breathing." Let me tell you...that was fun for neurotic old me...

She would gasp in two or three times before she had enough air for an exhale, which also happened in two or three gasps. We had her on her monitors and I was calling her docs.She needed to be on oxygen after we came home. I know they messed with her lungs which could potentially cause some problems, but come on. :-P

We'll find out the results of everything in a day or so.

Buggy also got a new pair of braces that have seriously cut down on the drunken sailor gait and have given her new stability and confidence in the walking arena.

Baby is starting to walk! This weekend she was taking 2 & 3 steps. She also started vomiting like crazy...while nursing, sometimes. Fun times at our house for all. :-P

Happy Spring everyone!