Sunday, April 27, 2008

still going...

So we're still here. My sister had her baby, and I'm wishing it were me...You know I've never experienced prodromal labor and I think it's really nice as long as it happens to someone else. I know I don't have it nearly as bad as some others, but it's bad enough. This baby is sitting in a weird position that makes moving anywhere very uncomfortable. I didn't know they could sit this low and not fall out. :-)

Enough birth whining. I know I've been pretty emotional his past week, so I'll try not to be today.

I got back from Colorado a little over a week ago and it was amazing. I learned so much. I got a little brain-fried, but it was so refreshing to be in a safe place where people hold relationships valuable and feel it important to be respectful and genuine. Everybody was treated with respect and courtesy while everyone was expected to get their own needs met in the same way. There were only four of us involved in the training, but many LLL Leaders helped to make the few days comfortable for us. The only meals I ate at a "restaurant" were at the airport. It was wonderful.

When I got home, I stayed at moms' as Buggy was coming to SLC for a sedated MRI the next morning. We went all the way to the hospital and they informed us that since Buggy uses a CPAP, she cannot be sedated for this procedure. She has been sedated before, but not with "this drug". Blah, blah, blah, we had to make a new appointment for the following Monday (for which I had *no* babysitter) to go under general anesthesia. Intubation for a "routine" MRI/MRA. Let's just say that no one was particularly thrilled with this development. HeaterBoy was able to go with us and my wonderful visiting teacher took the olders. they tell you that they will be back to normal in 12-24 hours. miss Buggy was the most cranky I have ever seen her. It did not end in 12-24 hours. She is still crankier than I have ever seen her. She is yelling, pulling hair (both others and her own), scratching faces, and throwing in even more yelling for good measure.

When I was lamenting the poor week we had had to her speech path, she was afraid to tell me that for kids with neuro impairment can take weeks for general to totally leave their systems. Lovely. At least we have a reason for the crankiness. I was afraid it was something else, and I would have to figure it out.

Of course, Friday night, she got all snotty, and we have been doing extra "jiggly vest" treatments and lots of extra suctioning, and then last night the rest of us came down with it. I was actually hoping it wasn't a bug, but just residual from the anesthesia, but apparently not. :-P

It's in my chest now and heartburn along with sore throat is not so much fun. (sorry, little pregnancy whine still) We slept most of the day away and my sister made a wonderfully nourishing soup for us.

the garden is slowly getting worked for the Spring. It's so exciting to have such a big plan for the summer. I hope we can continue it.

That's us for now. Frodo is reading up a storm and he's gotten Rapunzel hooked on the same series. Good thing that we can continue school into the summer. It makes me feel not so bad.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Finally...a glimmer of hope...

We went to a clinic visit today with the sleep pulmonologist to discuss Buggy's latest tests. He showed us the CT of her chest and the absolute lack of huge permanent disease. There is some scarring, but no "syndrome". He also listened to her and said that she is clearer than has has ever heard.

We finally got her "jiggly vest" which is a "high frequency compression" vest that they get for kids with cystic fibrosis to help clear their airways. She tolerates it sooo much better than CPT (pounding on her chest and postural drainage) and I feel like it is more effective. I was really afraid of the insurance approving it as it is so expensive (think new car expensive) but I was reminded by another mother whose child has this apparatus, if it keeps her out of the hospital just once, then it has just about paid for itself.

We have also been giving the prevacid and I hope that is helping as well. We won't be able to see any GI dr until July , but we might be able to strongarm them if we go back to our general surgeon and have some more tests done to solidify the reflux/aspiration dx. He will probably agree when he finds out about the swollen larynx and surrounding tissues.

Hopefully, the chiro will have addressed the hernia and it won't need to be repaired, but even if it does, he can maybe keep it in place instead of having it slip out which happens to many kids with this kind of hernia.

J and I talked about how we hadn't really noticed it because it was gradual, but Buggy's breathing is much more quiet than it used to be. Something I've noticed recently is that living with a child that has multiple disabilities sometimes blinds you to those disabilities. I know she has them, I just forget because she is who she is, and it takes an outside source to remind me that her way of swallowing or the way she forms words is not "typical" because it's how *she* does it.

On the baby front, I think I may be finally eradicating my infection. My midwife thought it was already in my kidneys before we caught it, but I can't tell, my pregnant UTI's tend to be asymptomatic. (If you're going to have a UTI, wouldn't you rather it be that way? :-) ) I'm leaving for Colorado on Sunday and just hoping that the contractions are well-enough under control that the pressure changes of flying won't send me into labor. As long as she waits until I'm home, then we're fine...a little early, but fine.

I brought out the baby diapers and all of us are so excited to have someone that is small enough to fit into these tiny little confections. I love cute newborn diapers. It almost makes me sad that we want to try EC, but I'm sure there will still be plenty of opportunity for diaper wearing.

Anyway, if you're still with me (sorry this was so long), I'm glad you liked my tag. This week is shaping up to be pretty good. I loved Conference. I'm glad that I live in a place where I have access to all five sessions live. Listening on the radio is not easy with little ones, but it's still doable, and we borrowed omi and opi's TV so that we could watch some of it...who knew the Valley Channel would have some, but not all of the sessions? It was fuzzy, but watchable. :-)

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

hee hee, a tag....

So I read this spouse tag put up by an old neighbor and I thought, how cheesy...

Little did I know that only two short weeks later, I would be tagged with it from a totally different circle of acquaintances. So Andrea, here it is... :-)

How did you meet your spouse? It's even cheesier than playing spouse tag. We met in high school. I was fifteen and he was seventeen. I first noticed him when he was chosen to play Conrad Birdie in "Bye Bye Birdie". He was the older brother of someone who was in my larger circle of friends. We actually started getting to know each other when we went to choir tour my sophomore year. His friends let me hang out with them (he was one of those who only hung out with girls). We didn't start dating until the next spring, really. The end of my junior year.

Where did you go on your first date? We went to a SPEBSQSA concert. It was supposed to be "research" for a quartet that Jared was putting together and everyone had dates except for the lead. The funny part was that he didn't realize he was the only one without a date and when we all sat down, he sat in between Jared and me. When I casually mentioned that we were on a date at the intermission, he felt really embarrassed and switched us places so I could sit next to Jared. I thought it was hilarious.

How long have you been together? We generally count when we "hooked up" at choir tour to be the start of our "togetherness" (I know, how cheesy can you get?) so we've been together since Spring of '95. That would be 13 years! Aack! Am I really that old?

Who eats more? Jared. He also eats faster, which amazed me when we first started dating as I had always previously been the first one done eating at social engagements. Although, if you count lactating, I certainly eat more than your average large male. :-)

Who said I love you first? I don't remember if we said it at all before the mission. I don't think so. If that's the case, then I said it first. It wasn't nearly as awkward as I was fearing it would be. It also wasn't a phrase that either one of us used often before engagement.

Who sings better?
Well, considering we got to know each other in Madrigals, I'm not sure that's a fair question. I've had more training, but that doesn't mean I have more talent. He's the one that's still singing in the community.

Who is smarter? Jared. Whenever I want to know something, I just ask him. It wasn't until we had been married a couple of years that I realized that when he didn't know the answer to a question I had asked, he just made it up, deadpan. Now, he just tells me he doesn't know...usually. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a dunce. I can hold my own in a philosophical conversation, I just don't retain info like he can.

Who does the laundry? Are you kidding! That's why we had kids...

Who does the dishes? Jared. Unless we have a nanny-which we do right now. Very early in the division of labor you call a honeymoon, we discovered that he hates the ookiness of toilets and I hate the monotony of dishes. Those are two chores that have always been defined. I do the toilets and he does the dishes.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Jared always has until Belen came into bed with us after her trach came out. The "kid" bed is on "my" side (the left) and I just couldn't sleep always checking for her breathing. It was emotionally exhausting spending all day and all night with her, so Jared graciously accepted a switch. Temporarily. Now that the new one is coming and Belen sleeps with her sibs, I'm ready to switch back.

Who pays the bills? I always did that as well, until Belen had been home for a few months. Jared saw how much it was stressing me out and he took over. I have never felt so free. I am a control freak and I didn't think I could ever relinquish control of the money, but it feels so good. I just ask him how much I have and I spend away! I think I'm also better about impulse buys this way. Before, I would just buy it anyway and then feel guilty about it and now I don't have to.

Who mows the lawn?
Jared does, usually. I'm allergic to grass. But last year, when he was so busy with school, I would sometimes help him out. Not enough to make anyone believe that I did it regularly, but occasionally.

Who cooks dinner? Mostly Jared (are you starting to see a pattern here? I have an amazing husband). When we were first married, I didn't know how to cook. Now that I'm a little better, I don't cook while I'm pregnant or the first few months of a new baby. I justify it by saying to myself that Jared likes to cook and he likes to work with his hands, so it's okay. I keep hoping that someday, I'll have an amazing change of heart and actually love to cook.

Who drives when you are together? Jared. He gets carsick really easy and I don't really like to drive. In fact, driving on the constructionized freeway has turned into one of my triggers for panic attacks. I know I'll need to deal with it eventually. For now though, I'll just leave it up to him or public transportation.

Who is more stubborn? I know I'm a princess and often push too hard to get my way. I hope it's gotten at least slightly better over the years.

Who is the first to admit when they’re wrong? I'm not sure about that one. Both of us are pretty quick to say "I'm sorry".

Whose parents do you see the most? Mine, they live closer and we have the first grandchildren on that side.

Who kissed who first? heehee. Jared kissed me after a date and it was the funniest kiss. I could see his brother watching us through the window. Incidentally, it was his FIRST KISS EVER. He said, it had never come up with other girls. The first kiss after the mission was the most smashing first kiss I have ever experienced!

Who proposed?
That, I suppose, is up for debate. I'm convinced it was him. He keeps telling everyone it was me. He officially never really asked. Anyway, funny story, you decide who is telling the truth ;-)

Who has more friends? I do. Jared thinks it's my responsibility to keep "our" social life going...

Who has more siblings? Jared has way more. I come from 5 and Jared has 8 siblings.

Who wears the pants in the family?
What does that mean, really? Who's in charge? If that's the case, we each have different areas that we are responsible for. I don't think that one of us is really "in charge". Of course, if you ask Jared, he'll give the standard "I wear the pants, because Karin lets me..."

Well, since this one is kind of weird, I'll let those that like these questions to pick up the tag. How about it, Nicole? Doreen? Does anyone else even read my blog?