Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Carnage

That's what it's called, right? We try to simplify, we try to focus on the right things, the right people and not the stuff.

Here's our carnage:


I tried to post the pics of the carnage and blogger's being silly. Maybe I'll try again later. I was able to get our required sock photo. We don't do pajamas or an outfit for every year-we were too poor for too long. But we do socks. Every year we get socks and we take a matching photo. Here is this year's:

We've been trying to figure our Buggy's "snot" problem. The current dr'sd were all of a mind that it was just part and parcel of the stroke and the only thing we can do about it is to not feed her. Well, nothing improved when we stopped feeding her, so we went back to food and saught a second opinion. We may be switching peds and my heart is hurt. We love our ped and he has been through so much with us. It's getting to a place now where we need a more assertive and respected advocate when it comes to continuity of care, so we have found someone new in the valley. Our previous ped just was too new of a doc to hold much clout with the "specialists" at Primary's. The new ped has bunches of new suggestions and they are actually working.

The ENT in the valley has decided to open an allergy clinic here in town. I know he's new and not very experienced, but he may be more open to new methods of testing, right? I have a great blood test that I want Buggy to have that has much fewer false negatives than the RAST. We did a RAST in Decemeber and as it turns out, Buggy is allergic to corn and soy (among other things). WE cut them out and didn't see any difference for almost three weeks, then she got sick...

For the last 8 or so days, Buggy has had absolutely no green goo when she wakes up. It's been so exciting. !!!!!

We also cut all dairy for the same time period. We have to replace her tubes and plan to do some other tests while she's out for the surgery, and we'll be having a "collaborative" meeting with some of her docs in about a month or two. It looks like we might actually be getting closer to getting her healthy.

Little is cruising all over the place. she is a pro at crawling. She is so young and doesn't understand object permanence, though, so she crawls behind me until I leave the room and then she starts to cry as I've disappeared. She also can't climb, so she tries to crawl over me and can't get all the way over. It's been so funny to watch. I've never had a baby do this much this early. Enjoy your January