Sunday, December 30, 2007

why it's been so long...

hehe, you think I'm actually going to explain my absence? I've got no excuses except for my old standby. Once again, my body reminds me that I was *not* made for multitasking. If I'm gestating, that's about all I can do. After a short visit to the ER (silly protocols about 20-weekers), life has been much more predictable. I have to take it easy, but my body *is* doing its correct job.

I'm loving the new job and its flexibility.

I'm looking forward to having my sister and her friend move in and help me.

I've picked up some old knitting.

We spent almost six days traveling with family for the first time in years.

We're still healthy (this is actually the most incredible, especially after reading this post here.

And if you don't ever check my sidebar, I really encourage you to click on top pick of my shared files (it's labeled funny things from my friends). It's a post from someone on one of my g-tube groups that explained some things for me. It's a nice story about parents of children with special needs and how we relate to "other" parents.

Anyway...those are my bullet points. Maybe I'll fill it in, or maybe I'll post sooner enxt time. I even have some pics from Christmas that I might make HeaterBoy put up.

ps. We're having another girl...